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Hi and thanks for the add.
A real shot in the dark, but I would love to contact the owner of a 1967 S800, that I owned from 1970 to 1974. ( my early 20's, I'm now 70!)
The registration number is VKX 614E, and the dvlc site shows it's still a valid number, with all car details correct, but the car is neither taxed or MOT'd
I would love to know it still exists, somewhere and maybe loved by someone!
Happy to receive any information either on here or by P M. This is a genuine enquiry, thanks.
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Re: Searching


It sure it would be great for you to see your car again - and for the current owner to gain some early history of the vehicle.

Having said that not every club member is a Forum user (or even visitor!) - and even if they are they might not want to follow this up.

Fingers crossed they do see your message and make contact.
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